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Your Ads Your ads must be strong. Creating an AdWords account with brilliant campaigns, ad groups, and keywords and all the right settings is one thing, but your …

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Your Ads
Your ads must be strong. Creating an AdWords account with brilliant campaigns, ad groups, and keywords and all the right settings is one thing, but your ads are another. You could do everything else perfectly, and not yield clicks and conversions, because of a poor ad. Image it is your friend’s birthday and you got them the perfect gift. You know for a fact that they are going to love it. Imagine you are driving over to deliver the gift, and you realize you did not wrap it, so your reach into the back seat and grab a gross fast food bag from who knows how long ago, and you put the gift inside. How do you think your friend will react when you hand them the gift? Do you think they will be excited to open it? Probably not. It is a similar situation here with your ads. The perfect gift is all of your hard work and your great finished product. The old fast food bag is your boring ad. The only difference is that your friend will open the gift, but your potential customers will likely not click on the unappealing ad. A lot of thought has to go into your ads, and you will want to keep track of your ad’s status and performance. Chapter four dealt with your campaigns and ad groups. Ads were touched on in that chapter under the ad groups section. There you learned how to create a new text ad. This section will be a more in depth discussion of ads. Ad basics, formats, approval, testing, and resuming will be discussed.
Ad Basics
It is good to think of your ad as your first impression to potential customers. There are a few things that every ad must include. Keywords should be somewhere in your ad. This will be appealing to customers, as it tells them that where this ad takes them they will find what they were searching for. Use your ad to set your business apart from your competitors. Point out what makes you better. Include pricing information like sales, promotions, and special offers. Tell your customers how they will benefit from clicking on your ad rather than some other company’s ad. Give a “call to action.” Encourage customers to click on your ad immediately include phrases like: “find out more,” “sign-up now,” “save now,” etc.
Ad Formats
There are many different ways that you could layout your ad. Having a basic understanding of each formatting type will help you choose the best option for your business and your goals. Text ads are ads that are exclusively comprised of words. This format is good for fast and easy ad maintenance. Ad extensions proved details about your business such as phone numbers, and location addresses. Image ads are good for getting the searcher’s attention. They use visuals to display the goods and services you offer. WAP mobile is another format. WAP stands for “wireless application protocol.” This format is a great choice if you want to get your customers while they are on-the-go. It is also great for when you target customers based on their location. If your ads appear over a wireless network or on phones and other mobile devices, then this is the option you will likely want to choose. App promotion ads encourage searchers to download your business’s app if you have one. The ad you create could either direct your customers to the app store where they can download the app, or direct them right into the app itself. These ads will only appear on devices they are compatible with. Video ads are great for engaging your customers. You can show video ads by themselves, or with video content that is being streamed on the internet. Product listing ads are essentially text ads that contain details for your products. These details could be about pricing or specific product features, etc. When someone clicks on one of these ads they will be redirected right to the product within your website. This format gives your customers details at a glance, and encourages them to click and find out more about the product, or to purchase. Call-only ads are great if your goals include driving phone calls to your business. These ads could simply list your phone number for customers to manually type in the number into their phone, or they could be click-to-call. Click-to-call ads are for devices that have call making capabilities. As soon as the customer clicks the call button a call will be placed.

How to Set an Ad Format
1. Choose the campaign and ad group where you want to set the new format
2. Select the “Ads” tab
3. Select the “+Ad” drop-down button
4. Select the format you want from the drop-down
5. Follow the instructions provided for the chosen format
6. “Save Ad”
Ad Approval
Google has to approve every ad that is created. They have to make sure that the ads that run are suitable and harmless. Immediately after you create and save your ad it enters the approval process. Google checks the ad to make sure it complies with all of their guidelines; the process typically takes one business day. After the ad is reviewed, it is assigned a status. Before the process is complete your ad will have been assigned one of three statuses. The first possible status an ad could have while in review is “eligible.” This status indicated that the ad is being reviewed, and will run during the approval process. The ad could be labeled “under review,” this means the ad is being reviewed and is not running. A “not yet serving” status is for video ads that are being reviewed. For ads that passed the approval there are five possible statuses. “Approved” is pretty straight forward, this means the ad passed all the guidelines and is running. “Approval (Limited)” means the ad passed most of the guidelines, and is running with restrictions. If your ad’s status is “Approved (Non-Family)” the ad is running but with restrictions because it did not pass Google’s content guidelines in terms of family safety. “Approved (Adult)” are ads that run with restrictions because they contain adult content. The last of these possible statuses is for video ads. “Serving (Video Ads)” means your video ads have been approved and are running on YouTube. If your ad does not pass the approval process it will receive one of four status labels. “Disapproved” simply means the ad does not follow Google’s guidelines and is not running. “Site-Suspended” indicates that the website the ad represents does not comply with Google’s rules. A “Not Serving (Video)” status means the video ad was disapproved for not following the guidelines. “With Issues (Video)” indicates that the video ad violated at least one of the rules. After you create an ad check its status within one business day to see what Google assigned it.
How to Check Ad Status
1. Go to the “Campaigns” tab
2. Go to the “Ads” tab
3. Look at the “Status” column
4. Your ads status will be listed beside it
Pausing/Resuming Ads
At some point after you have created ads for your account you may need to pause one or more of them and then later resume them. The most common reason users will pause their ads and then later resume them is that the ads run seasonally. If you sell goods or services that your customers will need and use during the summer, you will probably only run your ad during the summertime, and then pause it during the winter months.
1. Log into AdWords
2. Go to the “Campaigns” tab
3. Go to the “Ads” tab
4. There will be a status icon (green dot for enabled; “pause” symbol for paused) beside each of your ads. Click on the icon.
5. A drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Paused” if you need to pause the ad, or choose “Enable” to resume a paused ad.
Ad Testing
If you use primarily text ads you should do ad testing. Do this to see which ads work best for your account. Ad testing is something that you should do frequently. To test out different ads, use A/B testing.
How to A/B Ad Test
1. Write two ads
2. Run both of the ads at the same time
3. After a short while review the ads and see which is preforming better
4. Remove the ad that is performing worse
5. Repeat steps 2-4.


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