The Productivity Panic Disorder - Escaping Entrepreneurial Burnout
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The Product Panic Disorder – Escape Entrepreneurial Burnout Productivity insanity.  It’s what drives well-renowned professionals deep into the foothills, far away from individual responsibility.  It’s the driving force …

The Product Panic Disorder – Escape Entrepreneurial Burnout

Productivity insanity.  It’s what drives well-renowned professionals deep into the foothills, far away from individual responsibility.  It’s the driving force behind numerous business shutdowns, takeovers and even shareholder oppression.  More importantly, it’s a problem you cannot solve alone, especially as deep as you currently loom within the doldrums of potential business failure.

Panic Button Entrepreneur Dubai
Panic Button Entrepreneur Dubai


Without question, there’s a lot of expense – both emotional and financial – involved in starting a business, even if you’re working as solopreneurs from your basement or home office. The investments you make in your start-up in the early days can help lay a strong foundation for business growth and success. But not everyone has enough sanity needed when trying to be productive in delegating responsibility to workers, paying overhead costs and paying employees on time.  Without some foothold on your finances, schedule and overall business health, panicking is really all one can do.


Growing, Growing…Gone

The business services industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, with numerous freshly graduated students entering the ‘field of dreams’, per se, each day. The presentation of services has been happening since the 1200’s, or before. When banks, for example, moved call centers offshore to take advantage of cheaper labor in order to improve efficiency and the bottom line, they realistically began the trend out outsourcing work – the most common component of driving costs down today.  Today, it’s created an inexorably nightmarish situation, seemingly an irreversible vortex of one bad timing error after another.


Slowly, you are noticing today numerous entrepreneurial demises, namely:

  • Businessmen are working nearly double the hours, yet still finding their days are seemingly unproductive.
  • Sudden disappearances of finances, mainly your personal monies, are mysteriously disappearing.
  • You’re continually correcting other people’s mistakes, then being asked about corrections you just made;
  • Personal health is plummeting, yet little time exists to do much about it;
  • Your virtual assistant is keeping everything afloat – when she manages to arrive for work!
  • Everything around your office is labeled ‘Urgent’ yet treated with second-class urgency;
  • The commitments you once relied on no longer hold validity around your office;
  • For all intents and purposes, trust simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Anyone can begin business ventures in Dubai; yet, unless you enjoy watching growing business simply crumble overnight, it takes true champions to accurately run businesses while you, the CEO, are out pitching new ventures or investments.

All Systems…Gone

The internet age we live in has led to a distinct shift in the structure of productivity software, SaaS and other website strategies. In the past, it had been focused on word of mouth and there were very few people in “expert” positions; I can assure you, this has changed dramatically.  One diatribe that hasn’t changed, unfortunately, is what systems are being used to purport positivity, accuracy, and that elusive ‘P’ word – productivity.

In a move that underlines just how damaging your most recent entrepreneurial recession was to local economies, your entire business systems, once considered a ‘model’ for other businesses to follow, could well on its way to financial, and emotional, bankruptcy without having some systematic approach to what software, development, marketing, advertising and organizational methods need to be used.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably there already.

Take a moment to think about your best and brightest young workers, and even your current modus operandi.  Now take a moment to remember the old adage, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”.  You’re probably wondering just how soon your entire dream will be gone, or if anyone could possible keep the denizens of bad workers away from your establishment.  Without having control of business systems, you’ll never really have control.


Facts Don’t Lie

Entrepreneur Dubai Facts 2016
Entrepreneur Dubai Facts 2016

Here’s some factoids to digest before we present the great news about your situation:

  • Many businesses are launched, but unfortunately, almost as many end up failing. One of the biggest reasons why a company doesn’t succeed is because it can’t get inside the heads of its potential customers, or keep their coworkers in syncopation with each of your growing needs.
  • As a business, online review sites help provide your business with insights into what your customers are thinking and also help increase your overall awareness. Because this feedback holds high value to your company, it’s important that you listen to them.
  • Understanding the motivations behind purchasing decisions that people make can be a big step in the success of any enterprise, including distancing yourself from initial investments made.
  • An entrepreneur’s current situation, as mentioned in the beginning, only worsens unless some level of professional intervention is welcomed to help subside the rigors of daily depression.
  • Since you call the shots, you’re ultimately responsible for your current lackluster performance, as much as that fact kills you to digest. You lack entrepreneurial empowerment.




The ‘A-Ha’ Moment

A-HA Moment Entrepreneur Dubai
A-HA Moment Entrepreneur Dubai

Finally, you’ve hit rock bottom and recognize your only potential reprieve will probably come from outside help. Recognition of problems doesn’t solve them, however, and having somebody willing to handle your stresses takes one heck of an individual, company, or team effort.

If you lack an updated SOP, or Standard Operating Procedure, imagine having that entire manual built into one human being’s mind.  Combine that with great communication skills and HTML acumen, and you probably have some dream that should’ve come true years ago in your business.

With Online Business Manager from DM Solutionz FZE, you can have this.

Solopreneurs, particularly home-based business owners, face unique challenges in today’s global marketplace. To help alleviate the usually daunting process of defining and obtaining their goals, it is a smart idea to include a variety of principles, concepts and lifestyle models to help increase the chances of being fulfilled in one’s personal and professional lives. Calling in the support of a professional online business manager can be a great way to manage multiple life facets in an emotionally sustainable way without egregious costs.



Systems Entrepreneur Dubai
Systems Entrepreneur Dubai

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, everyone loves systems – but favors the ones that work seamlessly, perhaps the reason you’ve picked up this manual.  Simple tasks, like documenting processes which have worked and maintaining full automation, could drastically reduce panic around your office.  Moreover, many processes within this ‘system’ work in syncopation with each other, making your entrepreneurial headache vanish forever.

Most systems are adaptable by the three finger rule:


  • The documented process – This entails having a structured list of plausible steps to accomplish whatever goals you intend to carry forth – i.e. lessen your workload, extend employee appreciation, hire people, and so forth.
  • The tech process – specific industry-related tools, such as software or physical items, that can be leveraged into your quest for automation domination.
  • The workers – these are people, such as online business managers or employees overseen by OBM’s that perform specific tasks which cannot be mimicked by technology. This actually falls under the entrepreneur’s team, should you have one.


Tasks, like sending important emails or instructing others on getting things done, could be implemented into one well-oiled machine.  The prevailing issue with entrepreneurs and this ‘system’ is that, in many cases, it fails to exist.  For what it’s worth, you’re not alone.


Primary Functions of OBM’s (Online Business Manager)


Many different OBM’s have established their functionality over time, very few have established anything they wouldn’t do for clients, yet all have one common thread:

  • Taking away stress by handling all business functions which normally took your time, misdirected energy and doled out an unnecessary physical beating. Anything that you’d normally do with your days, an online business manager can handle without causing you any undue hardships.
  • Project management knows many suitors, yet few have mastered exactly what PM entails. Online business managers have an uncanny knack for doing small, medium or large-scale projects while solopreneurs or large business groups handle other primary business functions outside their walls.  Also, an OBM’s job is to design, plan and manage all different kinds of external business projects while keeping to a set time schedule and set budget.
  • Employee retention means putting employees wants before one’s proprietary interests. Being a boss is not only about the bottom line; you also have to manage the people that are doing the work.  Keeping morale high is a good way to ensure that productivity and efficiency remain at high levels, and it takes mind boggling effort on your part to keep that morale at a high level, the reasons a professional OBM will step forward.  Offering incentives for hard work by letting your employees relax once in a while, remembering them during the holidays through parties, gifts, and also taking an interest in their lives are all ways to keep the morale high.  Elevated morale equals elevated profits.
  • Online development means everything about your website, including the marketing plans and HTML brevity, must be perfect for visitors to feel compelled to act when they arrive. Should you have little time to devote towards site development, or lack the immense costs developers often charge, an experienced OBM could handle these seemingly daunting tasks for you.
  • Finance and Accounting is a big part of any business and it is important you pay enough attention to getting an accounting firm to work for you. There are a lot of examples of what could go wrong if you don’t research accounting firms enough and you don’t want to add your story to the Wall of Shame, then an online business manager could handle finances.


consequences of not hiring an online business manager (obm)
Consequences of not hiring an online business manager (obm)


The Takeaway…

As a small business owner, the odds are good that you will have a stronger role in hiring new personnel than you would if you ran a large company. And since your workers may be the public face of your business, the importance of finding good people to work for you cannot be overstated.  Because, as we’re all rather aware, one bad apple spoils an entire bushel.  Time after time, online business managers have vetted, interviewed and made the final call for entrepreneurs seeking the crème de la crème of employees.

The choices you have, as you see where you were and where you could be, come down to two important decisions which could either thwart, or enhance, your productivity goals:

  1. Lackadaisically approach your current abysmal situation, hoping that some stroke of luck will create reparation of business principles damaged, employees hurt, time lost banging your head against the desk and eventual business attrition which cannot be overturned.


2. Realize that you, yourself, cannot handle everyday rigors without someone assisting to ease burdens of employee maintenance, website development, fiscal responsibilities and overall business upkeep. Decide to make the concerted effort required to find an irreplaceable OBM from DM Solutionz FZE, guaranteed to make your once jaded business outlook much better.


Entrepreneurs considering undergoing some kind of business transformation are often ridiculed by others who don’t understand what they are going through.  OBM can make the alteration from depression to redemption much smoother and without productivity panic.  Try one. Contact us and we’ll manage your E-Business.


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