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Top 10 latest Digital Marketing Trends for Companies to know What’s Next Now? Hot Trends in Digital Marketing? At the start of every year there occurs lot of …

Top 10 latest Digital Marketing Trends for Companies to know

What’s Next Now? Hot Trends in Digital Marketing? At the start of every year there occurs lot of predictions about the latest marketing trends? In the recent years, we saw mobiles; videos and social media gain huge traction among brands and advertisers.

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Digital marketing trends constantly changing as the internet has altered the way of information sharing. Market comes up with new tools and technologies every year. The one and only best way to beat your competition in the year 2016 and ahead is to stay “ahead of the digital curve”.

Digital Marketing Trends 2016 for companiesMarketing Trends Online Digital Concepts
Digital Marketing Trends 2016 for companies Marketing Trends Online Digital Concepts


Here is the list of top 10 digital marketing trends that will help you do this:

10 Digital marketing trends 2016 for companies to know
10 Digital marketing trends 2016 for companies to know

  1. Social Ads- A Mainstream Marketing Channel


According to Interpublic Group’s Magna Global, digital ad spending will grow 13.5% in 2016 and is expected to overtake TV as the biggest advertising category by the end of 2017. Also, according to eMarketer, the ad spending on social network will reach $35.98 billion.


Social media companies from Facebook to Snap chat are looking forward to broaden their ad offerings. Pew Research Centre’s reports show that around 65% of the adults use social networking sites. Facebook alone make up 1 billion users and likewise, Instagram consists of 400 million users.


How to gain traction on the competitors using social media platform?


First, decide which will be the best platform for investing for your audience. For eg., if you are selling ethnic dresses or bed sheets, then, visual platforms Instagram and Pinterest will be the best option to choose.

And, if you are in Business-to-Business, Facebook’s targeting options will be a better option to have your target audience.


Make use of action-oriented ad formats. Instead of just, promoting social media account, involve people engagement. Use Twitter Lead Generation ads and Facebook Click to Website ads with call-to-action buttons.

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  1. Facebook Messenger System for Business


2015 was the year when Facebook revealed Messenger for Business. Messenger’s availability for businesses have significant impact on growth. Facebook allowed businesses to make use of Facebook messenger box on the website. It can be used as their website live chat box.

Facebook messenger - chat


  1. Podcasts


Podcasts are on the rise now. They are one of the best ways to build customer loyalty. Brands are becoming so much comfortable with the podcasts that they are starting to produce their own. Around 46 million Americans listen to podcast monthly.

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  1. Online Videos


Online videos are the best way to encourage billions. Videos are the best way to engage audiences by sounds, colors, visuals and music. Cisco Systems predicts that by 2019, consumer videos account for 80% of the internet traffic. Online videos help in building the brand loyalty. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat are finding ways to integrate video offerings in their ad system.


In 2016, videos are becoming more popular way of advertising. YouTube is one of the great platforms for the videos. According to Forbes, Google is incorporating video advertising into SERP results, a development from text-only ads as currently featured. It shows the growing interest and acceptance of video advertising together.

  1. Mobiles


In the year 2015, Google announced that mobile has surpassed desktop to “Mobilegeddon,” the algorithm change that forced SEOs to optimize their sites for mobile at lightning-fast pace.

Mobile will continue to remain on the forefront, so marketers need to build strong mobile marketing strategies.

The mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic. So, for the this year, product marketers need to think firstly about mobiles and develop mobile-oriented user experience for their mobile traffic.


There is nothing which you can’t do only on desktops and not on computers. Mobile browsing is in trend because of easy convenience and usability. That’s why, mobile users have high expectations. They want fast, easy, quick results. Therefore, it creates the need of mobile responsive websites. It not only offers easy access to the user, but also affects the way your site is indexed and how it ranks in the SERP.


  1. Content is the King.


Web Content Marketing helps get results - fast.
Web Content Marketing helps get results – fast.

Developing quality content is always on top priority for any business.  The aim of content marketing is to provide information to current customers and potential prospects to build trust, develop the brand and it ensures that the brand is seen as an expert in the subject matter.

Natural and relevant content is going to create more organic reach. This is the time to tell your story about the brand through blogs, website content, and social media. The survey shows that 86% of B2B organizations have a strategic content marketing strategy.

With complete focus on the consumer experience, many brands today are looking to boost their content marketing strategies to build stronger relationships with their potential customers. As a result, content marketing will help in providing value and satisfaction to the consumer, not only focusing primarily on the brand’s message.

The content should be interactive that allows the customer to engage with it, not just read or view it. Infographics, videos, quizzes, calculators, surveys and contests to name a few. It is very important to have an interactive content as it engages and allows users to customize their content experience. Interactive content provides great value to the customer, before asking the customer for a conversion activity.


  1. Hybrid Advertising


2016 is the year of continued advertising and content. Many companies create hybrid of advertising and content. Now, media sites are scaling in content inventory very fast. Google is also blurring the lines between sponsored and organic.

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  1. Data is essential part of marketing.


Data is essential part of marketing. Instead of having ‘big data’ or irrelevant data, now the brands are looking forward for finding the ‘Little Data’ and the relevant one related to their  business objectives and problems. So, they are able to find solutions and make plans according to these findings.



  1. Native Advertising


Consumers are sick of ‘face marketing’. Relevancy of ads is important. So, it is essential to create relevant ads for your brand and target your customers accordingly. Ad-blockers are worst thing for marketers. There are many websites, particularly with millennial audiences are already losing 40% of their ad revenue because of ad blocking.


Native advertising came into existence so that it can be ensured that your advertising goals are not ripped to shreds. Native ads look, read are like non-promotional content. Thus, ad blockers do not prevent them from displaying.



  1. Personalization


Marketers who put highly personalized campaigns in motion are able to drive better results.

Personalization benefits are higher response and conversion rates, brand loyality and repeat customers, amplified reach and increased relevance with today’s shoppers. Thus, personalization leads to more customers. Marketers should collect data in such a way that sheds light on “what consumers are actually in the market for. There is a clear relation between personalised marketing and the increase in response, conversions, loyalty and repeat customers. According to the survey conducted by the CMO, 43% of participating marketers stated that personalised and enriched content lead to more conversions.


However, it is important to understand the benefits of what they will get by allowing a business to know more about them. Collecting personal data means businesses can send the right message to the right person. It helps in bridging the gap between the brand and the customer.


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