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What’s in, what’s out and what’s never come back. These are the things that every marketer should know. Digital Marketing world is getting bigger day by day. With …

What’s in, what’s out and what’s never come back. These are the things that every marketer should know. Digital Marketing world is getting bigger day by day. With this, businesses are increasing their budgets for online marketing efforts.

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10 killing Digital Marketing Blunders Which You Should Avoid

To make 2016 most successful and wonderful year, one should aware of the latest trends in digital marketing, mistakes and how to avoid them. Even, the highly experienced digital marketers have campaigns that don’t give desired results. To make sure that your next campaign run successfully without any failure, avoid these killing digital marketing mistakes:

Blunders you shouldn't make

  1. Not having clear strategic goals


The biggest mistake digital marketer makes is not setting analytics goals prior to start of any campaign. For a successful digital marketing campaign, it is necessary to define goals and it should be ensured that analytics tracking is properly set up for these goals. It is very challenging task to measure ROI or benefit of campaign on sales, products etc. Therefore, it is essential to define a clear goal for a successful campaign.

  1. Failing to identify right target audience


Study your audience first. Identify your right target audience is the very first step in any marketing venture. No matter, how unique and informative content you are creating for your brand, you will miss a big opportunity if you don’t take extra efforts to promote it to the right audience.

For defining target audiences make use of tracking pixels and cookies to reach to the visitors who visited your website or join email list. Make social targeting beyond age, gender, education and topic interest by layering on purchase intent and relevant life events.


  1. Not involving customer-centric mindset


A  customer-centric approach always add more value to the company as it enables businesses to differentiate itself from their competitors. Marketing plays an important role in converting and engaging customers. With personalization and targeting, brands are now able to provide customized brand experience which provides value to the customers and satisfy them to keep coming back more times.


  1. Forgetting mobiles

Targeting mobile users

In 2015, Google announced that mobile has surpassed desktop to “Mobilegeddon. If your business is not functioning with the mobile-first strategy, then, surely, you are isolating more than half of your potential customers.

Today, mobile is the key for both conversions and content, so keep it at the top when forming any digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have developed any mobile strategy, then, do it fast and provide a good platform to your customers. Make your website compatible with all mobile devices.

  1. Disintegrated


Digital media work best when integrated with traditional media and response channels. In today’s business world, traditional marketing, digital marketing, sales, and advertising all run together. Although, there are many companies that still allow these departments to work independently. But, the companies that have no issue and encourage inter-departmental collaboration get benefit from human capital and technological capital assets.


  1. Writing off email marketing

email marketing

Neglecting email marketing is a big mistake. Email marketing is considered as the customer journey’s connective tissue. In a recent survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, it is found that 91 percent of U.S. adults like getting promotional emails from companies.

  1. Not doing conversion optimization

Conversion Rate Increase - Concept on Red Keyboard Button.

There was a time when it wasn’t so important to do conversion optimization. But, this is not the same time. Failure of doing careful split testing is the only reason to decline. It requires lot of technical knowledge and a good eye for analytics.


  1. Having a self-centered social media strategy

social media strategy

Many businesses forget about the social component of social media. They keep on posting items to their networks and don’t interact with customers. The successful marketer knows very well that the social media is an interconnected place.

When you are liberal about the promotion of others content, praising and congratulating them on their successes, obviously, others will do the same for your business.

It is very useful for your business to share user-generated content. If any of your customers has a good experience with your product and creates a piece of content about it such as a blog post, video, or an image, then do share it with your followers. Responding, sharing thoughts, answering questions to the audiences will build strong relationship that will have a great impact on the business.


You should be on your social networks and keep visiting great blogs, share valuable content. You have to show your followers that you stay up to date with what’s going on with your industry, and you will offer them something useful and valuable without having to create the content yourself. By doing this, you can do a favor for original creators by sharing their good quality work.

  1. Creating Narrow Range of Content

Content Marketing Strategy

Creating only one type of content is a blunder. If you want to connect with the potential customers across all the buying process, there is a need of creating different types of content.

Having long-form content helps customers to make a final decision about your products purchasing. Also, audiences love images and videos. Image-based and multimedia content on social media is helpful for businesses. Thus, it is important to use content marketing strategies which are as follows:


Regular blogging


Don’t operate your business offline. Regular blogging is necessary to make business presence online. Blogging provides your customers useful informative content and also, it improves organic search rankings.


In-depth Content

In-depth content helps customers to make their decision in the right direction. White papers or e-books lets customers to make their purchasing decision without doing any more research.

Multimedia Content

Videos with less than 5 minutes long have greater impact on the audiences as they like short and informative videos instead of long duration. Nearly, 73% of the customers make their purchases after watching a video.


  1. Not amplifying content after creation


Content is the king. It works well for all brands, if it is used to its maximum potential. Amplifying your content means finding the right social network for your content. Also, finding someone who is willing to share it widely.

Amplifying content doesn’t mean what you post. In addition, it is also about where and when you post your quality content. There are analytics tools that give you data which helps you to understand how your content connects with the customers.

Which type of content will work on different social media platforms?


How the content will serve its purpose depends on each social media network. As an example, text-based content can’t be posted on Instagram. Simply, figure out where your customers hang out, then, make focus on social sharing efforts on those networks.

Get influential people for promotion and sharing your content


Highly influential people has million or more followers. Sharing content with such people will benefit more than sharing with 100 followers. Start following influential people within your industry, share their content, keep interacting on their blogs and in their social streams. Just, show them that your ideas are useful and worth promoting.


Keep on updating your content.

If your blog post is good enough that makes people to revisit it from time to time. Then, keep on updating fresh, unique, informative content. Make sure to promote it on social media platforms or in email marketing.

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